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Porto Moniz – Madeira – Portugal (by Norbert R…

Porto Moniz – Madeira – Portugal (by Norbert Reimer

Tannheim – Austria (by Norbert Reimer) 

Tannheim – Austria (by Norbert Reimer

 Hürtgenwald – Germany (by Oliver Wagemann) 

 Hürtgenwald – Germany (by Oliver Wagemann

Skógafoss – Iceland (by Oliver Wagemann) 

Skógafoss – Iceland (by Oliver Wagemann

The Hague – Netherlands (by Christopher A. Dom…

The Hague – Netherlands (by Christopher A. Dominic

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annajewelsphotography: Catherine Park – Russia…


Catherine Park – Russia (by annajewels

Frankfurt – Germany (by Hans Permana) 

Frankfurt – Germany (by Hans Permana

Dubai – United Arab Emirates (by cliff hellis)…

Dubai – United Arab Emirates (by cliff hellis

Modica – Sicily – Italy (by Alessandro Grussu)…

Modica – Sicily – Italy (by Alessandro Grussu