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Tallinn – Estonia (by Jorge Franganillo

2017 Trend: The Year of Rainbows and Unicorns

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“People eat with their eyes, so who wouldn’t want to eat a rainbow? Or a unicorn?” asks Amirah Kassem, the baker and founder of Flour Shop (@flourshop). Five years ago, Amirah couldn’t afford a website and started her business on Instagram. “For many years that was the only way to place an order,” explains Amirah. Last month, she opened her very own brick-and-mortar shop in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City.

Her number one inspiration when dreaming up her bright and playful treats? “My childhood! There are so many things we tend to forget as adults — like how fun imagination and blowing bubbles can be — so I try to hold on to that eating-ice-cream-for-breakfast mentality.”

Finding Inspiration in Fantasy and Frosting with @h.rebel

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For Hedi Gharrat (@h.rebel), creativity starts with setting the table. Inspired by books, history and the far-flung places that she hopes to visit, Hedi creates delectable dreamlands from her home in Tehran, Iran, that burst with detail. “I don’t want the photos to be just about the food — I want every one of them to be like a little piece of a world,” she says. “From the background to the smallest piece in the photo, I try to harmonize the colors of everything with one another. I want the viewer’s eye to travel around the frame, finding little codes and details that I’ve put there.” A self-taught baker who studied computer science, Hedi can spend an entire day photographing a fantasy tea party or a vintage spread, which she hopes inspires others to pursue their creative passion. “No matter where you are, your imagination knows no boundaries — dream as loud and as bright as you can.”