Celebrating Thanksgiving with 16-Year-Old Vegan Chef and Health…

Celebrating Thanksgiving with 16-Year-Old Vegan Chef and Health Activist Haile Thomas

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Sixteen-year-old vegan chef and health activist Haile Thomas (@hailethomas) received the nickname “Hurricane Haile” as a baby — she was notorious for throwing pots and pans all over the place. “In some ways I still live up to that name. I always make a huge mess when I’m in my creative cooking zone!” she says. Today, the 12th-grade student from New York City is constantly mixing up fresh recipes and offering new nutrition tips. “I really try to send messages that bring awareness to the many topics that are important to me, but also hopefully contribute to the health, happiness and overall positive growth of our global community.”

This year, Haile is celebrating #Thanksgiving with her extended family. “My mom, dad, sister and I have been doing a plant-based dinner for the past three years,” she explains. “We are so glad to get a commitment from our aunts, uncles and cousins to go veg-based this year and celebrate together.”