Music, New Albums and Afropunk with @sza To see more from SZA…

Music, New Albums and Afropunk with @sza

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SZA (@sza) grew up surrounded by music, but it wasn’t until her early 20s that she knew she wanted to be a musician. “My dad had a super wide range of eclectic tunes,” says the artist, who grew up in New Jersey. “Music was definitely in my house and around me, but never by me.” Fast forward a few years, and that’s all changed — SZA has just released her debut studio album, Ctrl, and is in Brooklyn, New York, this weekend to perform at Afropunk (@afropunk).

“Afropunk is the culmination of every strain of influence I’ve ever encountered in my life bottled into one huge expression,” SZA describes of the festival, which began in 2005 as a documentary about the African-American punk rock scene, and has since expanded internationally, celebrating black music, art and activism around the world. Though she’s attended and performed at Afropunk before, “I still have so much room to grow,” says SZA. “I’m excited to give people what they deserve on an emotional and sonic level.”