Piera Gelardi Inspires Women’s Creativity with Refinery29 To…

Piera Gelardi Inspires Women’s Creativity with Refinery29

To celebrate the upcoming #WWIM16[heart envelope emoji]’s theme of #KindComments, we’ll be featuring voices spreading messages of kindness within the Instagram community.

Piera Gelardi (@pieraluisa), the co-founder and executive creative director of Refinery29 (@refinery29), is here to empower women through creativity. “Our mission is to be a catalyst for women to claim their power,” describes Piera, who started the online lifestyle magazine in 2005 with three friends in a New York apartment. “We celebrate inclusivity and imagination, and we want our readers to be inspired, to feel great in their own skin and to find channels in their own lives to pursue their passion.”

With a strong online presence and dedicated readership comes responsibility, especially when it comes to the idea of #KindComments. “I so appreciate this mission to create a kind community, because there is so much trolling and negativity that can exist online, especially for women,” says Piera. “The world needs more messages of love and kindness, and just needs more kindness overall. We really try to put out optimistic storytelling that makes women connect with the world and with each other.”