The Oddly Satisfying World of Slime with @slimeysugar To see…

The Oddly Satisfying World of Slime with @slimeysugar

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Borax, cornstarch, detergent — these are the everyday household ingredients that Megan Li (@slimeysugar) uses to make her slimes. “Borax has the best texture, and doesn’t melt,” says Megan, a 14-year-old California student who began making slime when she discovered the trend online. She now sells her colorful slimes — dressed up with glitter and Styrofoam pellets and given names like Confetti Beads, Strawberry Fondue and Watermelon Crunch — to slime fans all over the world.

“I like making slime because of the texture,” says Megan, “but the sound is a huge reason why I do it.” Watch a slime video, and you’ll understand why — slimes make oddly satisfying gooey noises, which cements their status as a favorite among the ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) community—those who have a sensory reaction to certain sounds.